All of the photos from the “2014 – Amazon” galleries (and once I get the galleries loaded, the 2011 Amazon photos), were taken during our stay as guests at the Tahuayo Lodge, and Amazon Research Center of Amazonia Expeditions (web site, Facebook page).

I can’t say enough about what a great experience they offer.  Accommodations and meals were great and the staff was absolutely a joy to be around.  As a guest, you receive your own personal guide for your stay.  We were fortunate to get the same guide for both stays, and we think the world of our guide.  They’ll work with you and tailor your excursions specifically to your interests.  As a hint, be careful about mentioning something, even in passing, they’re very attentive and factor even passing comments (like, say “I haven’t gotten a good photo of a Paradise Tanager”) into your planned excursions.  Their ability to spot wildlife borders on a “super power”.  They are very knowledgable and share a lot of very interesting information about everything you do.

It’s not a trip to the zoo.  They can’t just take you out to see a Jaguar, for instance, and, not for lack of trying on a guide’s part, we haven’t been able to spot an Anaconda on either trip (water too high).  There are a couple of excursions were you’re pretty much assured to see what you’ve gone looking for, but some of the most special most moments come down to sheer luck of being in the right place at the right moment.  If you’re at all interested in seeing what *the* rainforest is like, I can’t imagine there’s a better way to experience it.

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